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Remain a customs specialist
How to maintain your ZFK status

You are an AWA customs specialist - this means that you belong to an exclusive group of customs specialists who can prove their specialist knowledge through the institute's internal qualification. To keep it that way, it is necessary to refresh your customs knowledge within the three-year validity of the customs specialist certificate. To do this, you must complete the following training courses:

  • two update webinars or seminars (each full day) and
  • one special webinar or seminar (full day).

Half-day update webinars, which count as half a seminar day, are also a way to maintain your status. This means that you would have to attend four half-day update webinars on different topics in order to fulfil the "two update webinars (each full-day)" requirement mentioned at the beginning. Alternatively, as stated, you attend two full-day update webinars or seminars. In addition, attendance at one full-day special webinar or seminar is compulsory.

Choose from these half-day update webinars:

You can find our special and update seminars in the areas of customs and origin of goods and preferences here: