How do i attend an AWA webinar?
Required technology and webinar schedule

We use the GoToWebinar® software to hold and transmit our webinars. All you need to participate is a suitable device and stable Internet connection.   

If you wish to follow the webinar from your workstation, we recommend that you ask your IT department or system administration if you can use the software on your desktop PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Please check the system requirements in advance to ensure you can dial into the webinar. To do this, click on the following links provided by the software producer:

Please perform the connection test with the device you will use to participate in the webinar. If the connection test fails, contact your company's IT representative. If you cannot connect to the webinar despite verification, you will be entitled to cancel your participation free of charge provided you have not yet received the materials.

Before the webinar

We will confirm your registration for the webinar in writing. You will receive a personal invitation to join the webinar a week in advance. This email will be sent from the email address: and contains the following information:

  • access link to the webinar
  • link to download the training material as PDF file
  • other organisational information

We will send you the training materials well in advance, to ensure you can prepare properly for the webinar and consider any questions you wish to ask. You can send your questions to in advance. This will give your trainer time to prepare for the webinar.

Start & structure

To log on, just click on the access link a few minutes before webinar starts. You will be taken to a virtual waiting room. You will be connected to the webinar as soon as tranmission starts. During the webinar, you can ask questions using the integrated chat function or a microphone/telephone. The trainer will answer them directly during the presentation or in a closing Q&A session.

After the webinar

We will receive your certificate of attendance in PDF format by email two to three working days after the webinar. You will also receive a link to the online evaluation. The results of this evaluation will help us improve our webinars. Your feedback is therefore very important to us and we look forward to every completed evaluation. If you are not satisfied, please let us know.

Cancellation or interruption

If the webinar is interrupted or has to be cancelled owing to your fault (e. g. technical problems such as inadequate Internet connection, problems caused by a firewall or unreliable playback ) you will not be entitled to have the costs reimbursed or to participate in a new seminar. If we have to cancel the webinar is due to our fault (technical problems, illness, etc.), we will propose an alternative date for the webinar. If this is not possible, we will refund you the participation fee. Any further claims for damages are excluded.