Trainers in all aspects of customs law, export controls and VAT

Training by practitioners for practitioners

AWA's trainers are active throughout the world giving training courses, offering consultancy services and holding presentations at conferences. Besides consultants and experts from industry, AWA also invites experts from the public sector to give training. They are mainly employed at various government agencies, authorities and chambers of industry, have many years of teaching experience and combine a high level of expert knowledge with didactic skills.

As a partner of Münster University, AWA is in a position to channel the results of research directly into company practice. The cooperation guarantees a consistently high quality of events and ensures that you are always up-to-date concerning new legislative amendments, court rulings and official decisions.This knowledge translates into a considerable competitive advantage.

Quality management is extremely important: in every seminar you have the opportunity to give a written appraisal of the trainers. Thereby, we can ensure that quality is consistently maintained and the expectations of our clients are met.