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Customs, export controls, origin of goods and preferences as well as VAT are complex topics. Our seminar participants often have very different levels of knowledge depending on their training and professional experience. In order to meet your requirements and to make it easier for you to choose the right seminar, we divide our seminars into different levels of knowledge: start-up, basic, refresher, expert, special and update seminars. This allows you to find the right seminar quickly and easily. The AWA team is happy to help you choose the right seminar for your needs.


AWA start-up seminars are specifically aimed at beginners (i. e. employees who have little or no knowledge of customs and foreign trade law). The seminars take place over several days during which you learn how to efficiently handle processes using a variety of examples and exercises. They are highly practical and will increase your confidence in performing tasks. Checklists and sample forms help simulate tasks in practice.


The basic seminars build on AWA's start-up seminars. Of course, you don’t have to attend a start-up seminar to participate in our basic seminars. We recommend that you start your training in a basic seminar if you already have professional experience in customs, export controls, rules of origin and preferential treatment or VAT. By attending an AWA basic seminar you will consolidate and expand your knowledge, so that you can better understand the background of topics and how they interrelate, thereby increasing your confidence. We take the time to go through practical exercises with you and help you to devise practical solutions in a team.


If you have attended a start-up seminar or basic seminar some time ago but would now like to attend a seminar at a higher level, we recommend that you first attend one of AWA’s refresher seminars. These seminars provide an overview of applicable legislation and recent amendments, thereby refreshing and updating your knowledge. The refresher seminars therefore prepare you for the more advanced seminars. 


The expert seminars build on AWA’s basic seminars. They provide intensive training in the management of complex customs and foreign trade operations. Expert seminars are a valuable addition to the basic seminars. They deepen your knowledge and present an opportunity to exchange views with other participants and speakers on current topics. AWA expert seminars provide an ideal forum for in-depth and constructive discussions.


Customs and foreign trade law is generally dealt with in the AWA's start-up, basic and expert seminars. These seminars focus on the most important topics in customs, export controls, VAT, as well as the rules of origin and preferential treatment. Learning materials and learning outcomes vary from level to level. AWA special seminars examine foreign trade topics in detail and take account of current developments. You can choose from a variety of special seminars and our list of topics are being constantly updated.


Customs and foreign trade law changes from year to year and companies must implement legal amendments quickly and with minimal disruption. Our update seminars provide you with an overview of the major and minor changes and inform you of important amendments thoroughly, practically and to the point.

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