Inhouse training

On-site courses

We recommend inhouse training if you need to train several employees in customs, export controls or VAT in relation to international trade. This may be necessary if you wish to create a new department, enter a new market or have to implement and communicate guidance on legal amendments.

  • Do you need know-how on a subject of specific importance to your company?
  • Do you have to induct several new employees in the subject of export controls?
  • Could your entire customs department do with a refresher course?

We will help you produce a training concept which is tailored to your individual needs. Our inhouse training solutions are flexible, cost-effective and delivered at the location of your choice.

Our services - your benefit

  • Bespoke courses: we will only train you in the subjects that are actually important for your business. It is also possible to combine individual subjects.
  • Confidential atmosphere: training in closed groups allows discussions on sensitive subjects that would not be possible in an open seminar.
  • Team building: inhouse training promotes team spirit and makes it easier to work together afterwards: it is also easier to implement knowledge acquired as a group.
  • Complete flexibility: you determine the time and place of inhouse training. It is also possible to have courses on weekends at no extra cost. This avoids having to interrupt company operations during week-days.
  • A single contact partner: you will be allocated a single contact person at the AWA who will be personally responsible for preparing and carrying out the training course in accordance with your needs.
  • Training record: on request, we will maintain record of the seminars attended by your employees. This will help you identify training needs.

After the training we will also help you to put what you have learned into practice.