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Perhaps you have asked yourself: who is a "Company Export Control Officer"? What does the abbreviation "AEO" stand for? Just what are the advantages of "approved exporter" status? In the export knowledge section you will find comprehensive information on many specialist terms. On the right, we have already collected some links for you which provide information on important subjects and terminology.

Customs Specialist

Matthias Merz, Managing Director of AWA FOREIGN TRADE ACADEMY, has summarized the most important points of AWA Zollfachkraft // AWA Customs Specialist in an info video compact for you.

Information video: Matthias Merz informs about technology transfer inside and outside the company

Information video: Prof. Hans-Michael Wolffgang talks about the „Master of Compliance with Customs and International Trade Law (MCC)“

Interview: Matthias Merz on questions of liability concerning employees in companies

Interview: Andreas Beckmann - current developments in customs law