Distance-learning in Compliance, Customs Criminal Law and Customs Sanctions
Seizing opportunities and managing risks

AWA offers the first officially certified and accredited distance learning course for Compliance, Customs Criminal Law and Customs Sanctions in Germany. Seven detailed training units inform you about the background, practice and connections to compliance, criminal customs law and customs sanctions. The training materials are available as PDF files (by email) or as hardcopies (by post). The training units are sent to you every three weeks. Acquire a sound basic knowledge of European customs law with a focus on the topic of compliance and build up a solid knowledge of risks in customs clearance. This means that you will be familiar with the challenges in advance and will be able to avoid or master them by means of clever risk management.

Distance learning increasingly utilises e-learning components, including participant discussion forums, live chats with trainers and webinars. Both the chat function and discussion forums use the “Moodle” learning platform. We also provide a customs glossary and list of abbreviations so you can quickly look up the technical terms you need.

 Aim of the distance-learning course

Compliance, Customs Sanctions and Customs Criminal Law provides a secure basis for risk management in the handling of customs formalities. Learn all about the basics of customs compliance and the risks of customs sanctions. An insight into criminal customs law, customs declaration obligations and the possibility of a self-denunciation with immunity from prosecution complete the risk management. The main focus of the correspondence course is customs law, and violations in the area of excise duties or non-tax violations (e.g. in foreign trade law) are also addressed.

Customs authorizations allow extensive simplifications of customs formalities and lead to attractive logistical offers and a reduction of costs. A customs permit, however, requires reliability in customs and tax law. The loss of a customs permit can weigh more heavily than a fine or penalty.

  Subjects of the course

  • Customs Compliance
  • Customs
  • Customs debtors and liability issues
  • Customs sanctions
  • The criminal tax investigation procedure from the perspective of the investigating authorities and the defense
  • Organization of Compliance

  Target group

The distance-learning course is aimed at those responsible for import and export, customs, taxes or logistics, as well as legal and tax advisors in cross-border trade.


The distance-learning course is only available in German. You can register for the course by signing the distance-learning contract. To request this, simply send us an e-mail to


The final test takes place in September/March. Once you have passed the test we will send you a certificate of your newly acquired qualification which complies with the requirements of the Forum DistancE-Learning association in Germany.



Start and duration

The course starts each year on 1 March and 1 October. The distance learning course lasts six months.

Participation fee

  2.370,00 euros 
payable in 3 instalments of 790,00 euros (plus 19% VAT)

Planned trainers

  Prof. Dr. Reginhard Henke
  Dr. Michael Jung
Dipl.-Finanzwirt (FH) // Senden (Bayern)
  Dr. Thomas Möller
Dipl.-Finanzwirt, Dipl.-Kaufmann (FH) // Osnabrück
  Stefan Pelz
  Dr. Alexander Retemeyer
Oberstaatsanwalt // Osnabrück
  Benedikt Wemmer
Dipl.-Jurist, Dipl.-Finanzwirt (FH) // Münster