DIN ISO 29993:2017
AWA learning services certified by TÜV

The AWA FOREIGN TRADE ACADEMY is the first specialist supplier of customs and foreign trade seminars in Germany which is certified by TÜV Nord in accordance with DIN ISO 29993:2017. DIN ISO 29993:2017 is a service standard that defines minimum requirements for learning services. All AWA learning services are certified according to DIN ISO 29993:2017. This means that TÜV Nord has taken a close look at the AWA's learning services, e.g. seminars or webinars. According to which criteria does the AWA design a learning service? How and in what way are potential customers informed about an AWA learning service? By means of which media and with the help of which methods do lecturers impart knowledge to AWA customers? AWA asked itself these and similar questions during the certification process.
Until certification according to DIN ISO 29993:2017, the AWA was certified according to DIN ISO 29990:2010, a quality standard for education. The ISO standard last mentioned will no longer exist in the future, as the ISO committee has dissolved. Nevertheless, AWA's management system continues to be based on the high quality standards of the previous ISO.

"Many seminar providers provide training on foreign trade topics. It is often difficult for interested persons to separate the wheat from the chaff. The fact that you don't (yet) have to be legally certified as a seminar provider in Germany does not make it any easier to choose a provider. For this reason, AWA has opted for a voluntary certification according to DIN ISO 29993:2017 in order to show customers that they can expect a high standard of quality ". 

Matthias Merz,
Managing Director of the AWA FOREIGN TRADE ACADEMY

"In the beginning, we primarily focused on achieving the ISO certification. In retrospect, however, the journey was the destination. In order to meet the requirements of the standard, it was necessary to store one's own thinking structures and habits in the work processes and to look at them through different glasses. Step by step, the ISO groups were able to identify points for improvement within the company." 

Sarah Langenfeld,
Head of Graphics and Design and ISO representative

"We didn't want to create a document monster with the ISO certification. It was and is not our intention to put improvements on paper, just to get a certificate and post it in our seminar rooms. It is important to us that the ISO is lived in AWA, i. e. the developed improvements are noticeable for the customer directly in the seminar process. From firmly defined learning goals, to high-quality equipped seminar rooms, up to the evaluation of the AWA trainers." 

Martina Brüggemann,
Head of Free Seminars and ISO representative

Your advantages

  • Improved customer communication

  • Continuously high quality of training and service

  • Clearly defined learning objectives in the seminar announcements

  • Quick and uncomplicated seminar booking

  • Thematic diversity: New seminars regularly extend our range of seminars and training courses

  • Extensive feedback options